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At Benier (UK) Ltd we see our role as supporting clients by providing the best quality of service and equipment available to the UK bakery market today.

Support for us is about communicating the equipment needs of our clients to our suppliers whilst ensuring that our suppliers meet all those needs as our clients wish.

That support must continue from pre-sale right through to after sales field service by our field engineers and parts supply from, or through, our Milton Keynes head office
Working for ......
From Silo to Truck
A Kaak Group maxim, but Benier (UK) Ltd, through its membership of the Kaak Group, plus many years experience providing equipment from leading suppliers like Diosna , is able to offer just such a range of equipments whether your need is for a part of, or all of, a bakery facility.
Benier (UK) Ltd
56 Alston Drive,
Bradwell Abbey
Milton Keynes.
MK13 9HB
T +44(0)1908312333
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Kaak Bakeware
Click on the links to the left to learn more about our partner companies and their products. Or click the Equipment link above to find out which of our partner companies supply the equipment you are looking for.
Kaak Bakeware (UK)
At our newly acquired facility in the West Midlands Kaak Bakeware (UK) offers bakeware care services designed to meet the needs of UK bakeries.

Multi -Soak is a purpose designed multi stage soaking process that gently cleans the oil, grease and carbon from old contaminated bakeware and finally strips the old coating to reveal the original metal without damage to the precious aluminium layer coating found on modern bakeware materials. With this gentle process bakeware can be re coated many times without detriment to its core material.

Multi- Sil is Kaak Groups proprietary silicon glazing proccess which finally provides a hard silicon coating on the bakeware surface to protect it from bakery processes and provide a consistant food grade interface for your products.
Kaak Bakeware (UK) Ltd
5 Westminster Ind. Estate,
Cradley Road
Netherton, Dudley.
T +44(0)1384569151
E sales@kaakbakeware.co.uk